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Knee Scooter USA rents high quality, comfortable knee scooters ready for pickup within 5 minutes of renting on our website. We offer standard (indoor) and all-terrain knee scooter models. Once you place an order on our website you’ll receive a text message with pickup instructions. To pickup, follow the simple instructions or forward the text message to a friend to pickup for you. Our pickup/return process is no contact, no appointment needed. Due to our automated rental process we’re able to offer premium knee scooters at the lowest rates in the country. Standard knee scooters fit riders from 4’9″-6’6″ and up to 350 lbs. All-terrain knee scooters fit riders from 5’0″-6’6″ and up to 350 lbs. Both models come with dual locking brakes, a large removable basket, a comfortable 3″ thick knee pad, adjustible knee pad height, adjustible handlebar height and the handlebars easily fold down for transport. We’ve tested every knee scooter made on over 1000 of our customers and over 90% of them chose our model of knee scooters vs well-known competing brands. You will love our scooters, our prices and our super convenient rental process

Knee Scooter Rentals - Austin, TX

Please book online first.

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Your rental will automatically renew each week via your credit card on file

"We promise to provide you with a clean, sterilized, well maintained knee scooter. Scooters are sprayed with a solution of bleach and detergent then washed with water and allowed to air dry."
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Knee Scooter USA



Tyler KleinTyler Klein
16:36 09 Aug 23
Great place with great rates. Easy to use (if you follow instructions 😆) will recommend/ use again definitely!
Ryan ReadhimerRyan Readhimer
21:10 17 Jul 23
M EllisM Ellis
02:28 14 Apr 22
brenna hillbrenna hill
03:11 05 Apr 22
This was the best place to get a knee scooter no hassle no headaches and no referral needed. The website was amazingly easy to navigate and everybody was really friendly. I was able to have someone go pick it up from them with no problems and the return was just as simple as the pick up. It worked very well for me and the billing was very reasonable and straightforward.
Suzi HuetteSuzi Huette
05:14 02 Apr 22
The knee scooter was so helpful for me. It allowed me to move around easily through my house and out for doctor appointments. Thank you for being there when I needed support.
Suzanne ValentinSuzanne Valentin
04:51 27 Feb 22
The scooter was very helpful in my husband's healing process. It was of good quality and more cost effective than purchasing or renting somewhere else. The process of renting was very easy with good communication back and forth by email or text. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of a scooter.