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Knee Scooter Rentals - Fort Collins

Knee Scooter Rental Process


Your rental will automatically renew each week via your credit card on file

Fort Collins Knee Scooter Rentals

Knee Walkers Rental FAQs

Please visit our locations page for the address and a map of the location nearest you

Immediately after you pay online you can pick-up your knee scooter anytime from 8am-8pm daily including weekends and holidays 

Find the location near you and you’ll be able to see exactly how many scooters are in stock. Normally we have scooters in stock and available for pick-up 7 days a week. If the indicator says “unavailable” that means they are all rented at the moment. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when the next scooter will be available

Standard models are $14.75 per week
All-terrain models are $19.75 per week

We have given every doctor their unique referral code which you can use on our website to save. We do not give these codes out to customers, you’ll need to get the code directly from your foot doctor or orthopedic surgeon

Yes. After you place an order and come pick up your scooter you’ll be able to try it onsite. If you’re not happy with the scooter or find that it doesn’t fit your needs we will issue you a full refund if you return it within 4 hours. Occasionally we have customers with sensitive knees or knee injuries that need special seats. If that’s the case we may be able to include a plush seat cover to see if this helps. If not, we’ll issue a refund. 

We do not charge deposits

No, all of our rentals are cash pay (paid online via credit card)

You don’t need to do anything. Your knee scooter will begin auto-renewing every week via your credit card on file. We make it simple for you so you can focus on healing. When your all healed up just return the scooter any day from 8am-8pm 365 days a year and we will stop charging your card each week

No, we accept major credit cards only (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)

Of course. Choose your knee scooter model, pick up date, and pay online and it’ll be reserved for you

All-terrain models are harder to find and much more expensive to buy. Also, since they have air-filled tires they require more maintenance for us to keep in excellent condition

Standard Knee Scooter models fit 4’9″ – 6’6″, max of 350 lbs
All-terrain Knee Scooter models fit 5’0″ – 6’6″, max of 350 lbs

All Powers and Fort Collins standard and all-terrain knee scooters come with baskets. In Monument all standard models have baskets and most all-terrain models have baskets. Those that don’t have a basket come with a cup holder. You can view scooter photos by clicking the “rent now” and the location near you 

Yes, very much so. You shouldn’t have any issues with knee pain. The seat cushions are 2.75″ to 3″ thick

Yes. Both the seat height and handlebar height can be adjusted up or down to your comfort level. Click here for knee scooter instructions and videos

Folding a Knee Scooter Instructions - Knee Scooter USA

Yes, all knee scooters fold down. Instructions are here: how to fold a knee scooter for transport 

Yes, we allow exchanges within the first 24 hours of your start date and we will issue you a full refund. You can then place a new order for your desired scooter model. Rentals older than 24 hours will need to start a new order for your desired scooter model and we will issue you a prorated refund on the first scooter. If you have additional question please email us at [email protected]

Knee Scooters in Fort Collins, CO

"Order online and you'll get an immediate text from us verifying your knee scooter is ready for pick-up with simple pick-up instructions. Pick up anytime from 8am-8pm at your convenience. You won't need to meet with anyone or wear a mask."
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Knee Scooter USA

About Us

Back in January of 2021, we partnered with my nephew Rob in his Knee Scooter USA business.  He started the business in Colorado Springs and discovered the need to expand.  He then asked me if I would be interested in partnering with him in Northern Colorado.  Since we’ve started it has grown and we’ve enjoyed the business immensely. I am retired from doing daycare for 30 plus years and the Knee Scooter USA business has kept me occupied.  It’s such an inventive idea to have this business out of our home so customers can get access to same day knee scooters from 8 am to 8 pm, 365 days year! Rob has worked so hard at getting this set up to work effectively for the customers and those of us who’ve partnered with him. I feel so good about being a part of it and seeing the folks we’re helping out with affordable, immediately available knee scooters.

My husband has since retired from UPS in June and he’s now doing the maintenance of the scooters. He is happy to be involved with it as well. We are both so pleased to hear the positive feedback from the customers of how well Knee Scooter USA has met their needs.  

Donna and Lee Knuppel

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Knee Scooter USA Fort Collins
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Patrick EsserPatrick Esser
15:45 16 Aug 23
Easy pick up and return experience. Scooter was as advertised.
Melissa PMelissa P
23:16 14 Aug 23
Met by a rude man near the garage who did not want us to see the scooters we were going to rent before we rented them. (I find it odd that I would want to rent anything I didn’t see first). Flip side, we can’t rent them without the scooter number. I am an Orthopedic RN and this rude man is telling me I want the scooter with the small wheels and I’m telling him I need the all-terrain for vacationing and he’s a bit argumentative about it. Anyway, after deciding to rent from the rude man anyway, mostly because we need it TODAY, we had to drive several blocks away to get cell service to actually rent it. Rented the all - terrain knee scooter. Appearance was decent and good brakes. However, it instantly started making a strange noise which was the result of big gobs of human hair stuck in the wheels. After pulling out the nasty hair, next was my extremely sore knee from using this scooter. This is because the seat cushion was extremely worn. I am a 5’ 5’’, 137 lb average women and my knee would sink right down to the metal when using the scooter. When returning the scooter, the rude man came out and told my husband he couldn’t return the scooter until I (the author) returned it through the texting. So, the husband is an hour away and the rude man wants my husband to find me to do this online texting BEFORE returning the scooter. My husband left the scooter there and contacted me to return it via texting.The one star is for correct billing and easy payments and that’s about all I have good to say.Someone had a great idea but they need a new front man in Fort Collins and someone to do routine maintenance.
juanita youngsjuanita youngs
20:41 14 Aug 23
cynthia skinnercynthia skinner
20:31 28 Jul 23
This was a sturdy and comfy scooter! I loved that the wheels were big and air filled. Well maintained and clean, easy to rent and return! Thank you so much!!
Lisa SparhawkLisa Sparhawk
13:02 10 May 23
Very easy to find and get scooter. I appreciated the system since I needed something on short notice and didn’t feel like I was bothering anybody.
Josset GauleyJosset Gauley
21:07 21 Feb 23
The best! Helped with my post surgery recovery. Great scooters+ease of payment and renewal. Great service, great company. (The offroad scooter they offer is amazing! I took that thing fly fishing in Poudre canyon in January). What a great resource.
Norman Van WyheNorman Van Wyhe
03:52 16 Jan 23
Very easy to acquire, available same day, excellent directions for pickup, no fuss, no hassle. Very pleased with the service.
Ricki GinsbergRicki Ginsberg
06:55 13 Jan 23
I was on the fence about whether I needed a scooter for an ankle injury. I rented this one for a month, and my quality of life improved significantly. You reserve the scooter online and then drive to get it. The pickup and dropoff are contactless at the doorstep of a house. You text the number of the scooter that you took and text the same number to return it. The scooter was really high quality, clean, and solidly built. I could move faster than I can typically walk. I can’t think of any way this process could have been easier.
chuck Laymanchuck Layman
03:10 24 Dec 22
There were a few hiccups both on my side and theirs. But all in all it was a positive experience. The scooter was awesome. I had no weight bearing for 8 weeks. I don't know what I would have done without it.
Danita McDonaldDanita McDonald
20:14 12 Dec 22
Scooter rental was easy. Pick-up was easy. Getting any kind of help or questions answered was not. I rented the all-terrain scooter ($60), thinking it would be easier for winter. It is heavier than the standard scooter, & not as maneuverable. Wanted to exchange the all-terrain for a standard ($40), did not ask for a refund-- was told that to make changes I had to return one & rent a replacement. The first rental was $60. The replacement was $40. There are no exchanges or refunds here.I rented the scooter for 6 days, & returned it. The scooter rental was good for my emergency situation, but I won't rent again. It would be helpful if there was a better customer service option, or to be able to contact a person. All communication is via text and template forms. When you are injured or recovering from surgery, forms & templates do not always suffice.
Tim StelznerTim Stelzner
16:56 06 Dec 22
Renting the knee scooter was the major breakthrough in my recovery from foot surgery. It vastly increased my mobility and quality of life during my long recovery time.
Corbin LathamCorbin Latham
18:47 19 Nov 22
This service was a God send after my wife's surgery. Super easy pick-up and drop-off. Highly recommended.
Luci RobertsLuci Roberts
04:24 19 Sep 22
Easy pickup the same day I reserved the scooter for my husband. His recovery was longer than we anticipated and the automatic renewal gave us one less phone call to make. I highly recommend this company!
David BrassDavid Brass
02:12 19 Sep 22
This company was developed to help people locate the medical device quickly and only have to pay for it for a short period of use. I was very pleased with the cost, simplicity of the rental process, and not having to purchase a device that I didn’t need to own. Nice job!!
Tina NieburTina Niebur
02:34 24 Aug 22
This device was so easy to use. I signed up and paid for it in just a couple of minutes. Picking it up and returning we’re so easy. I’ve never rented anything so easily! I would definitely use this company again!
Helga HizerHelga Hizer
04:06 09 Jul 22
Knee scooter USA is a convenient service when you need a scooter quick. I rented two scooters (standard and all terrain) and both transactions went smoothly. I did get an error when I tried to return one, which made me a little nervous, but it was resolved and I wasn't charged any additional fees. I highly recommend the service.
Ashley TjarksAshley Tjarks
02:42 21 Jun 22
Easy and convenient. This company was perfect for what I needed. It was very quick and easy, especially after a long day at urgent care. I would definitely recommend