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Your rental will automatically renew each week via your credit card on file

"We promise to provide you with a clean, sterilized, well maintained knee scooter. Scooters are sprayed with a solution of bleach and detergent then washed with water and allowed to air dry."
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Knee Scooter USA

Our network of local partners rents well-maintained, sterilized knee scooters to give you a quick, reliable source of mobility. We’ve researched and tested every knee scooter on the market and only rent the most comfortable and reliable models that fit the widest varieties of rider heights and weights. Our rentals are done online and once your order is placed you can pick-up your knee scooter immediately, 8am to 8pm, 365 days a year.

Knee Scooter USA Wheat Ridge
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Conor HunterConor Hunter
02:10 23 Aug 23
What a lifesaver of a service… cheap rental of a high quality knee scooter, it helped me out so much while I had a broken leg. Great deal.
C. Herrera IIIC. Herrera III
23:34 14 Aug 23
I was truly surprised that Knee Scooter was affordable, without any difficulties whatsoever, and fast too. I highly recommend using Knee Scooter
Beth WalshBeth Walsh
12:48 14 Aug 23
I had total reconstructive surgery on my foot and found myself trying to cope with taking my dog for walks, and getting around on my own. I found renting a knee scooter from Knee Scooter USA easy and affordable!
Kellie PenneyKellie Penney
03:08 28 Jul 23
Chelsea WoodwardChelsea Woodward
18:00 27 Jul 23
Such an easy and affordable service! Extremely grateful for this during my husband’s injury! We needed help with ease and simplicity this could not have been more so! 5 stars all the way!
marilyn hillmarilyn hill
02:18 18 Jul 23
Quick, easy, no hassle.
Ashley KAshley K
23:44 11 Jul 23
The online ordering process, the email instructions as well as pi k up and drop off were all super easy!
23:57 04 May 23
Very easy transaction and affordable. Just be aware if you keep the scooter past the original 4 weeks they charge weekly at a higher rate.
Angela SisnerosAngela Sisneros
16:43 28 Apr 23
Drove from Firestone Co to Wheatridge to pick up all terrain scooter.When arrived ONLY 1 scooter was available, which my daughter grabbed for me.When got home and took my dog for a walk noticed the brakes hardly worked. Had to dragged my foot in place of breaking.When looking at scooter noticed the tires were nearly bald.Also the knee for the injured leg to kneel on had ABSOLUTELY NO CUSHION LEFT.I used the scooter twice to walk my dog, after both times had bruises on my knee from basically kneeling on the metal frame.Chose not to use again, i was safer using my crutches.Just received my invoice after returning and they are claiming that both tires were flat.I am a medical professional, and would NEVER be so inconsiderate to return with "flat tires".I would have either put air in them or let them know.I wasnt even going to put a review about the brakes, the bald tires, and lack of knee pad until i see an invoice for almost $180; charging me for 2 new tires.Dont trust them, when it was returned there were 3 pretty much brand new all terrain scooters sitting tires, new knee cushions.Thats why, they allow a scooter to be rented that is not in rentable condition then charge that individual for all the new they have no cost to themselves.If renting from this company, take pictures when you are picking it up while still on their property...DON'T GET SCAMMED LIKE I DID.
Tonya MorrisonTonya Morrison
19:39 17 Apr 23
Super easy pick up and return. Scooter was perfect and I highly recommend.
James WelleJames Welle
22:51 15 Apr 23
Easy pick up and drop off. Great quality scooter for good price. Fyi I do think that they charge $10 more than the initial price for a service charge at the end but still seems like a good deal
Ernie RubyErnie Ruby
18:58 21 Mar 23
Easy and convenient.Didn't have to contact anyone.Easy to locate.Easy to retrieve, easy to return.Thank you.I will highly recommend you to others that I come in contact with that needs your service.
Nina TelthorstNina Telthorst
03:22 30 Nov 22
Wonderful scooter to increase mobility while my husband was recovering from surgery. It was clean and in perfect conditions.
Ss BeeSs Bee
05:56 26 Nov 22
I thought it was incredibly convenient to start. Well run, easy to access and affordable. I needed the scooter longer than a month and was not prepared for the weekly charge - which was a little disappointing as when you’re mobility vulnerable and you’re sort of stuck. Plus when I returned my scooter, it had snowed and the location did not shovel their driveway. You’re a mobility scooter company - returning in their snowy, icy driveway in a immobility boot was dodgy. I thought about leaving as I did not feel safe but didn’t want to be charged another weekly rate. I love the concept, initial execution was terrific, felt a little bait and switch at the end.
Marci ShawMarci Shaw
03:06 19 Nov 22
This company had the best price out of anyone and the scooter was extremely helpful after I broke my foot. I’m keeping their info because if I ever break anything else that makes me immobile, I’m heading here first! The arrangements were easy and pick up was convenient!
Catherine RoldanCatherine Roldan
23:23 08 Nov 22
They saved my sanity and wallet!! Highly recommend renting a knee scooter from this company it was easy, convenient, and extremely affordable! I was able to rent it the day I needed it (or should I say the day I found out I broke my foot) and pick up/ drop off was extremely easy too. Cannot recommend them enough!!
Jackie KantjasJackie Kantjas
16:06 12 Oct 22
When I first picked up my scooter, the brakes were completely non-functional, non-locking, and the steering was stiff to one side. After reaching out for an exchange, I was told Wheat Ridge had none available. No offer of a waitlist, or another location's availability. The fort collins location reached out and did his best to fix it, but he's not a bike mechanic. I haven't received great customer service except from the Fort Collins location and, overall I did not have a great experience.
Betty ProtectsMyPeopleBetty ProtectsMyPeople
02:57 07 Oct 22
Very convenient, good price! I hurt my foot 3 days before a work conference and was put into a fracture boot. Couldn't have done it without the knee scooter, and lots cheaper than buying something I didn't need to.
Sharon LeeSharon Lee
18:55 14 Sep 22
What a lifesaver this company is! After breaking my ankle & on zero weight bearing, crutches quickly became unbearable. Searching for a reasonable knee scooter was daunting (in my condition as well as costly). A wonderful business that offers knee scooter rentals (convenient hours & availability) and very reasonable!! Thank you!!
Ryan WhiteRyan White
03:16 21 Aug 22
For the value alone this company is worth looking at. I’ve never rented or used a knee scooter before, but needing one for a two month post op recovery this was the best value by at least half of any other options. I used the all terrain scooter for the terrible sidewalks and roads around Denver and it allowed a huge deal of independence to be maintained during my healing.Rental process was quick and easy, as was return.

Knee scooter rentals locations in Colorado: Colorado Springs, Monument, Denver DTC, Wheat Ridge, Fort Collins

Knee Walkers Rental FAQs

Please visit our locations page for the address and a map of the location nearest you

Immediately after you pay online you can pick-up your knee scooter anytime from 8am-8pm daily including weekends and holidays 

Find the location near you and you’ll be able to see exactly how many scooters are in stock. Normally we have scooters in stock and available for pick-up 7 days a week. If the indicator says “unavailable” that means they are all rented at the moment. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when the next scooter will be available

Standard models are $14.75 per week
All-terrain models are $19.75 per week

We have given every doctor their unique referral code which you can use on our website to save. We do not give these codes out to customers, you’ll need to get the code directly from your foot doctor or orthopedic surgeon

Yes. After you place an order and come pick up your scooter you’ll be able to try it onsite. If you’re not happy with the scooter or find that it doesn’t fit your needs we will issue you a full refund if you return it within 4 hours. Occasionally we have customers with sensitive knees or knee injuries that need special seats. If that’s the case we may be able to include a plush seat cover to see if this helps. If not, we’ll issue a refund. 

We do not charge deposits

No, all of our rentals are cash pay (paid online via credit card)

You don’t need to do anything. Your knee scooter will begin auto-renewing every week via your credit card on file. We make it simple for you so you can focus on healing. When your all healed up just return the scooter any day from 8am-8pm 365 days a year and we will stop charging your card each week

No, we accept major credit cards only (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)

Of course. Choose your knee scooter model, pick up date, and pay online and it’ll be reserved for you

All-terrain models are harder to find and much more expensive to buy. Also, since they have air-filled tires they require more maintenance for us to keep in excellent condition

Standard Knee Scooter models fit 4’9″ – 6’6″, max of 350 lbs
All-terrain Knee Scooter models fit 5’0″ – 6’6″, max of 350 lbs

All Powers and Fort Collins standard and all-terrain knee scooters come with baskets. In Monument all standard models have baskets and most all-terrain models have baskets. Those that don’t have a basket come with a cup holder. You can view scooter photos by clicking the “rent now” and the location near you 

Yes, very much so. You shouldn’t have any issues with knee pain. The seat cushions are 2.75″ to 3″ thick

Yes. Both the seat height and handlebar height can be adjusted up or down to your comfort level. Click here for knee scooter instructions and videos

Folding a Knee Scooter Instructions - Knee Scooter USA

Yes, all knee scooters fold down. Instructions are here: how to fold a knee scooter for transport 

Yes, we allow exchanges within the first 24 hours of your start date and we will issue you a full refund. You can then place a new order for your desired scooter model. Rentals older than 24 hours will need to start a new order for your desired scooter model and we will issue you a prorated refund on the first scooter. If you have additional question please email us at [email protected]