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2965 Squaw Valley Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(208) 408-1888
8am-8pm 365 days
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Knee Scooter Rental Process


Your rental will automatically renew each week via your credit card on file

Colorado Springs Knee Scooter Rentals

Knee Walkers Rental FAQs

Please visit our locations page for the address and a map of the location nearest you

Immediately after you pay online you can pick-up your knee scooter anytime from 8am-8pm daily including weekends and holidays 

Find the location near you and you’ll be able to see exactly how many scooters are in stock. Normally we have scooters in stock and available for pick-up 7 days a week. If the indicator says “unavailable” that means they are all rented at the moment. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when the next scooter will be available

Standard models are $14.75 per week
All-terrain models are $19.75 per week

We have given every doctor their unique referral code which you can use on our website to save. We do not give these codes out to customers, you’ll need to get the code directly from your foot doctor or orthopedic surgeon

Yes. After you place an order and come pick up your scooter you’ll be able to try it onsite. If you’re not happy with the scooter or find that it doesn’t fit your needs we will issue you a full refund if you return it within 4 hours. Occasionally we have customers with sensitive knees or knee injuries that need special seats. If that’s the case we may be able to include a plush seat cover to see if this helps. If not, we’ll issue a refund. 

We do not charge deposits

No, all of our rentals are cash pay (paid online via credit card)

You don’t need to do anything. Starting on day 28 your knee scooter will begin auto-renewing every week via your credit card on file. We make it simple for you so you can focus on healing. When your all healed up just return the scooter any day from 8am-8pm 365 days a year and we will stop charging your card each week

No, we accept major credit cards only (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)

Of course. Choose your knee scooter model, pick up date, and pay online and it’ll be reserved for you

All-terrain models are harder to find and much more expensive to buy. Also, since they have air-filled tires they require more maintenance for us to keep in excellent condition

Standard Knee Scooter models fit 4’9″ – 6’6″, max of 350 lbs
All-terrain Knee Scooter models fit 5’0″ – 6’6″, max of 350 lbs

All Powers and Fort Collins standard and all-terrain knee scooters come with baskets. In Monument all standard models have baskets and most all-terrain models have baskets. Those that don’t have a basket come with a cup holder. You can view scooter photos by clicking the “rent now” and the location near you 

Yes, very much so. You shouldn’t have any issues with knee pain. The seat cushions are 2.75″ to 3″ thick

Yes. Both the seat height and handlebar height can be adjusted up or down to your comfort level. Click here for knee scooter instructions and videos

Folding a Knee Scooter Instructions - Knee Scooter USA

Yes, all knee scooters fold down. Instructions are here: how to fold a knee scooter for transport 

Yes, we allow exchanges within the first 24 hours of your start date and we will issue you a full refund. You can then place a new order for your desired scooter model. Rentals older than 24 hours will need to start a new order for your desired scooter model and we will issue you a prorated refund on the first scooter. If you have additional question please email us at [email protected]

Rent a Knee Scooter Colorado Springs

"We promise to provide you with a clean, sterilized, well maintained knee scooter. Scooters are sprayed with a solution of bleach and detergent then washed with water and allowed to air dry."
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Knee Scooter USA

Rent a Knee Scooter – Colorado Springs” is your trusted partner for mobility solutions in the picturesque city of Colorado Springs. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, a leg injury, or just need temporary assistance, we’ve got you covered. Our knee scooters are designed for comfort and convenience, making it easy to navigate the stunning Colorado Springs terrain. With flexible rental options and exceptional customer service, we ensure a hassle-free experience. Regain your independence and explore this beautiful city with ease – choose Rent a Knee Scooter in Colorado Springs for your mobility needs.”

Knee Scooter USA Colorado Springs
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Jay MaloneyJay Maloney
14:18 25 Aug 23
Beware. I rented an "all terrain" scooter from this business. The inventory is kept in a shed next to the house. Every paart of the transaction is virtual, online. The house is poorly maintained. The yard is nothing but weeds. You will not have contact with a real person.They do not respond to my telephone calls. When I returned the scooter two weeks after I picked it up, I received no confirmation that I had returned it.I continue to be billed $26.50 each week. Each week.I have called them, left messages, texted them, emailed them. I get no response.Every week, I must call my card company and have the recurring charge cancelled.POST SCRIPT: Thank you for responding and for clearing this up. I did text to the knee scooter number that I had returned the scooter. All that I can imagine is that when I initially set up the transaction, I may have mistyped my cell number. Otherwise, thanks for getting this corrected. Still, until we engage in this forum, I had no response from the provider. Worth considering.Thank you.
Lacey DeanLacey Dean
00:25 19 Aug 23
Super easy and convenient!
Cassie EackerCassie Eacker
00:19 16 Aug 23
So easy and convenient and what a great deal!
Jackie PowellJackie Powell
01:31 01 Aug 23
Straightforward, easy, good price
Slick Tabb IISlick Tabb II
21:03 29 Jul 23
Great business!!!!! Easy access to pay and pick up. Highly recommend.
Bill EmeryBill Emery
17:56 18 Jul 23
For the most part, we were happy with our experience. The scooter was clean but the knee pad had little cushioning and ended up hurting the knee when on it for any length of time. There is an acknowledged "damage protection" fee charge of $7.50 which says it covers the pad but I guess that doesn't pay anything towards replacement. There also is a "hidden surprise" on the final bill shows a 6% merchant processing fee. For 2 months this totaled less than $7.00 but there was no mention of this that I could find on the sales agreement. Otherwise, all good.
We had a great experience! They make it so easy to pick up and return and when we had a bit of confusion we received prompt return calls.
Doug SmithDoug Smith
18:42 09 Jun 23
This is not worth the money. Had told them I would be using the scooter for 2 months, monthly rate. Started charging me by the week after 1 month. Scooters are worn down and dangerous. Hand grips came off several times during use and tires are out of round. Think twice.You can see from the response of 2 weeks that communication does not work. The system is online. There is no contact with the owner. You pick these up from a shed and the system is touchless. If there is a problem (probably 2 weeks to hear back, based on response). There are other places to rent from, especially long term.
Julie AJulie A
22:12 03 Jun 23
Super convenient and easy to pick up - I broke my ankle and was able to pick up immediately the same day. Scooter worker well and was in good condition. Pickup was a little confusing because it’s in a shed next to someone’s house, but the owner was really nice and helpful!
Donna PriesterDonna Priester
14:49 01 Mar 23
I needed a way to get around with a broken foot for about 10 weeks and my grandson encouraged me to get the scooter. It was perfect and I was able to do much more than I could’ve done if I didn’t have this opportunity. They made it easy to pick up and get the scooter and easy to return it. I appreciate the chance to use this when I needed it And then return it without having to purchase something that I hope I only have to use once.
Kim ChapmanKim Chapman
21:21 24 Feb 23
Good experience with this company! If you should need a knee scooter, I highly recommend them. Affordable and easy pick up and return!
Angel JamesAngel James
05:00 18 Feb 23
We really appreciated how easy it was to find the pick up place, register and pay and communication with the company was great!! We were able to keep it as long as we needed and the company was extremely prompt at answering questions and helping us navigate our way through the process!! They were also extremely accommodating at extending the time we rented the scooter, all via text!! My husband had Achilles tendon surgery and needed the scooter. We got the all terrain scooter because it’s Colorado and it’s winter, highly recommend!!! My husband loved being the coolest guy in and out of surgery and in physical therapy because of all the compliments on the fact the scooter was all terrain. We will definitely use and recommend this company again!! Thank you so much for being there to help us through a difficult time by making this so easy!!
sara sernasara serna
03:13 11 Feb 23
The pick up and drop off was so easy! The scooter was in great condition! Customer service was super quick and helpful! I would recommend this company over and over again! I really appreciate that they will extend you for a week at a time instead of charging you for a whole month! Thank you for make a super difficult situation (breaking my ankle) so much easier!
Michael MoranMichael Moran
03:47 04 Dec 22
My daughter fractured her foot and we were in need of scooter. Knee Scooter USA was a great choice. Very easy to go through the reservation and payment process. Excellent selection of scooters. The return process was also very easy. Highly recommended! We would definitely use them again.
Donna VisscherDonna Visscher
17:14 23 Nov 22
Very easy to work with. Easy pick up and return.I will say, I am a little old school, because I am old! It was weird not seeing a person or an actual being during any of this, but it is the 22nd Century and I have to keep up!From ordering and returning there is always a customer service rep and phone number to call for help! So no worries if you are like me and need a human person.They were great!
Freddie Martinez JrFreddie Martinez Jr
02:41 30 Sep 22
Had to rent a knee scooter for my 11 y/o daughter after she broke her ankle. The process was quick, easy, and very convenient. When she no longer needed the scooter, returning it was just as simple. Would definitely use again, and would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a knee scooter.
Alec NelsonAlec Nelson
22:52 26 Sep 22
Great experience. No contact pickup with very short notice. Just walked right up and grabbed the appropriate scooter type from the covered area. Zero hassle.The scooter itself was in good condition. The brakes seemed to need more friction, but keep in mind this was used in Breckenridge, so there was plenty of downhill. There was a basket included which made it convenient to store things while shopping. If I ever again have the misfortune of needing to, I will use this company to rent another scooter. Five stars.
John QueJohn Que
02:16 10 Aug 22
We rented the scooter from Knee Scooter USA on short notice. The process was easy and efficient. I liked the fact that I could pick up the scooter without depending on someone deliver it at their convenience.I felt the initial price was fair for the first month of rental. I was not happy that I was charged $17.00 each week after. I was informed that the increase in pricing was due to equipment wear and tear.All in all, I would use the company again if needed.
Holland TempleHolland Temple
13:52 20 Jul 22
I am a nurse, was hiking a few months ago and broke my ankle, ended up having emergency surgery and found myself suddenly not able to walk. I called all my sources and short of buying a knee scooter, there was not any other options. Then I found Knee Scooter USA Colorado Springs. They truly saved my day. Not only did they have one available, they had an all terrain model and at better prices than my connections. My new source is Knee Scooter USA, for myself and for my patients. They made my difficult time better.
J&F Vigil FamilyJ&F Vigil Family
22:35 01 Jun 22
Rental process was quick, easy, and staff were very courteous when I had questions. Having the pick up & return process via text was incredibly convenient. I needed a couple of knee scooters for after an emergency surgery, and these folks had two ready and available on the drop of a dime. Grateful for this company.
Matthias SchillMatthias Schill
13:56 25 May 22
I got the kneescooter to help my wife after foot surgery, she loved it and the recovery went great. The scooter is of high quality, has a useful storage basket and caused no issues. The only disappointment was to see the price being $10 higher than advertised on the ad we received from the doctor and I see the wrong price also listed here in the google answers.
Brad LutzBrad Lutz
23:42 14 Apr 22
This was a very easy process for us after my wife’s ankle surgery. It made getting around much easier for her and the check-out and ,check-in process was easy for me. I thought it strange to pick up at a residence, but the scooters were clean and I had my choice of one for her.
Michelle McVicker-RuizMichelle McVicker-Ruiz
02:26 01 Apr 22
The only easy and efficient part of my foot procedure was the pick up and return of the scooter. It was easy to use, comfortable, and my movement to injury ratio went down significantly with the scooter vs crutches. The price was more than reasonable and, if anyone finds themselves in an unfortunate foot predicament, I recommend this company.
Amanda KobilanAmanda Kobilan
02:54 28 Mar 22
This is a unique company with a truly innovative way of doing business. Clean and affordable equipment! Thanks
Sandra HaralsonSandra Haralson
03:09 10 Feb 22
Super easy to locate and request a sturdy knee scooter. My husband's a big guy. Reminder texts were automatically sent. Super easy to return. Would use again but hope I don't need to.
Beth KemppBeth Kempp
22:24 09 Feb 22
Very affordable option for a knee scooter rental. Equipment was in excellent condition and I didn’t pay a fortune for something I only needed a few weeks after foot surgery. Very easy rental pick up and return.
sabrina balistersabrina balister
23:54 28 Dec 21
Great price on rental. Fast and professional service. So thankful to have this option for mobility as I recovered from foot surgery!

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