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8am-8pm 365 days
No walk ins. Please book online first

Charleston Knee Scooter Rentals

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Standard Knee Scooter ($40 covers first 4 weeks)
Indoor (limited outdoor use). Fits 4’9″ to 6’6″, Max 350 lbs

All-Terrain Knee Scooter ($60 covers first 4 weeks)
All surfaces (indoor/outdoor). Fits 5’0″ to 6’6″, Max 350 lbs

  • Initial rental is paid in full for the 4 week default
  • Scooter auto-renews on day 28 at 8pm, via your credit card
  • Return at anytime on/before day 28 to avoid renewal
  • No due dates – scooter will auto-renew until you return it
  • Complete our short rental agreement and enter your credit card
  • You’ll get an immediate text to your cell phone that your scooter is ready


  • Open the text message we sent for directions/instructions
  • Drive to your pickup location anytime from 8am-8pm
  • Choose a scooter and reply to the text with the scooter #


  • Return the scooter at your convenience 8am-8pm 365 days
  • Reply via text with your scooter #
  • You’ll receive a text confirmation plus an email receipt

Contactless pickups/returns

Knee Scooter Rentals - Charleston

No walk ins. Please book online first.

All rentals are a 4 week default then auto-renew after 4 weeks​

All scooter rentals are for 4 weeks, you can return your scooter at any time however
This is your pickup date. We will text you with pickup instructions. Pickup times are 8am to 8pm on your start date
We will text you pickup instructions to this number
Price covers your first 4 week knee scooter rental. On day 28 scooter will auto-renew via credit card on file

Text When Available or Check Other Locations

"We promise to provide you with a clean, sterilized, well maintained knee scooter. Scooters are sprayed with a solution of bleach and detergent then washed with water and allowed to air dry."
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Knee Scooter USA



jana smithjana smith
01:24 11 Aug 23
It’s a little expensive but the only way to go if you can’t put any weight on a foot or lower leg or ankle. And the fact that they offer an ALL TERRAIN scooter is great
Meron EsheteMeron Eshete
02:08 13 Jul 23
I love it. Very easy and very quick service with a cheap price. They have beautiful scooters. We loved the one we rented.
Salomon SanchezSalomon Sanchez
17:05 29 Jun 23
Be sure to take photos when you pick up and return the scooter. They will charge you for items they lost. I rented a scooter that was never used during rental. But I was charged for a lost or damaged scooter basket. Pricing is great, but this is a joke. I sure as heck did not damage or lose a basket when it sat in the house, never used.
Dawn SparksDawn Sparks
19:09 16 Jun 23
ryan fresquezryan fresquez
02:07 30 May 23
Excellent and affordable. An amazingly convenient and wonderful service they offer. What a life saver and at a great price. So glad I did thus instead of trying to use crutches.
Sam SandersSam Sanders
03:50 23 May 23
Super convenient & great prices ! Perfect for recovering from ankle surgery, I was able to pick up/drop off with ease and extend my rental as needed. 10/10 would recommend!
Kathy NolascoKathy Nolasco
23:40 22 May 23
Sweet setup. I had the all terrain model as it was closer to pick up. Our house would probably have accommodated the standard size better, but all in all, it kept the weight off my foot! Thanks! Easy and convenient! I would definitely recommend you!!
Sherrie YellicoSherrie Yellico
19:25 24 Apr 23
The only good part about having foot surgery was the ease of renting this scooter. Super easy to reserve, pickup, and drop off. I would recommend this service to anyone needing a knee scooter.
Mari Rongey FischerMari Rongey Fischer
03:06 12 Mar 23
Knee Scooter USA came in clutch, when needed the most! Very conveniently located, super easy to use, and open pretty long hours. The pricing was good as well. Definitely recommend!
Gretchen MorganGretchen Morgan
02:27 26 Feb 23
Smooth process to reserve, pick up and drop off. Transparent billing. I chose all terrain scooter. Totally worth the cost. I took that thing everywhere. Cool small business model too. Read the website to check it out.
Jonathan BauerJonathan Bauer
03:12 16 Feb 23
Super easy to pick up. Super easy to drop off. Scooter had zero issues. They text you when it’s time to return. They extend your time if you forget so you don’t get double charged. Top notch company all around. Don’t rent anywhere else.
Monica DisbergerMonica Disberger
18:35 25 Jan 23
This service was easy to find and use, and the scooter (with detachable basket) was incredibly helpful. It cost about a third of just buying a scooter, but then I didn’t have to bother with rehoming it and $40 a month was very worth it for how much I got out of it. The easy to find instruction video on how to break it down to fit in cars was also great and easy. The text service to check it out wasn’t working for me but I was quickly answered and helped. I will miss my scooter!
Amy SteinAmy Stein
05:52 03 Jan 23
So thankful for the convenience and quality of this service! My scooter was easy to pick up prior to surgery and so easy to return at my convenience when I was ready. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs a good quality, clean, well maintained knee scooter to get back to life more quickly!
Jeanne ArrigoJeanne Arrigo
17:50 12 Dec 22
Affordable and convenient!! So very grateful for this service! I ended up using two scooters, one regular one for inside the house, and one for outside with the all-terrain wheels. It was super easy to pick up and drop off the equipment and everything was clean and well-maintained. If you have any problems questions/issues the number to call for support is on the scooter itself… and there is a real, live person at the other end!! Would definitely recommend the service for anyone who finds himself in need of a knee scooter!
Atsuko KuchikiAtsuko Kuchiki
03:23 03 Dec 22
I never knew such an amazing service existed so close to home! Knee scooters are so expensive! But the rental here is so affordable! The scooters are in great condition and the flexibility for rentals works so well! I’m a dancer and often sprain my foot. I will definitely keep coming back here! Thank you so much!
Kathy DudekKathy Dudek
03:09 13 Nov 22
Excellent service! So easy to rent online and pick up right before my surgery. I loved the flexible return policy with automatic extensions since I was unsure how long I would need it. I got the all-terrain model which was in perfect condition. Highly recommend Knee Scooter USA!
Nicki LeavittNicki Leavitt
02:46 02 Nov 22
So convenient to pick up and drop off. Quick order to place and quickly given instructions and exact location for where to pick up the scooter. It was affordable and purchased for 4 weeks. I was able to return it whenever I wanted within that time (loved the flexibility). Sent one text to drop it off back where I picked it up and that was it. So convenient.
Dooley DeckerDooley Decker
02:23 13 Oct 22
Knee Scooter USA Denver is convenient and affordable. I rented an all-terrain model following my ankle surgery. The scooter was available immediately and was practically brand new. The online rental process is straightforward and easy to navigate. I also appreciated the text message updates. Thank you for making my recovery easier and safer.
Jason WorrallJason Worrall
18:22 18 Sep 22
This place was a lifesaver for my wife when she tore her Achilles. The scooter was great - exactly what we wanted, we got the all-terrain scooter. It worked awesome and saved her from relying on crutches.The price was very reasonable, 100% recommend if you have a injured foot.
Ally BrownAlly Brown
02:12 18 Aug 22
I was elated when I was able to find such a reasonably priced knee cart. I was over having to use crutches due to an Achilles surgery, and when we found the standard model online we jumped on it. It did everything I needed it to, and the basket was amazing to have on the front. Highly recommend, especially with how easy it is to rent from them, and the pricing. Just a couple of simple texts, picking up and returning, and boom that’s it. $40 a month was the cheapest we found personally, and it was prefect for our budget. So simple, I really do highly recommend Knee Scooter USA.
Erica MitchellErica Mitchell
14:21 15 Jun 22
This was great! It was easy to pick up and drop off. I went over my reservation and it was not a big deal, I was just charged weekly. It was inexpensive. I would advise renting the all-terrain scooter. I wish I had done that. The other one ($40) is not as sturdy and you really feel on the cracks and bumps. Also the turning radius was not great.
Audrey MercerAudrey Mercer
01:54 08 Apr 22
Easy & convenient!! I was amazed at how simple of a process this was. I rented for a month & ended up needed up for an fee extra weeks. The scooter was incredibly helpful during my recovery. I can’t thank you enough!
Michele HoodMichele Hood
16:14 27 Mar 22
Easy pick up and return. Scooter worked well. Clean and in excellent condition. Really helped my mobility while I was healing. More affordable than other companies I researched. Would highly recommend.
Jackie JimenezJackie Jimenez
20:36 13 Mar 22
I was so glad I stumbled upon this rental!! The scooter itself was comfy and so handy around my home during the time I needed it. The pick up and drop off process was so easy because those in charge respond very quickly! Happy to recommend to anyone in need of an awesome scooter and service! 10 out of 10!!
Natalia TriestantoNatalia Triestanto
19:26 15 Jan 22
Broke my ankle and needed a scooter to get a break from the crutches. I was able to reserve one immediately and pick it up the same day (on a Sunday too!). The process was really easy and the directions provided were extremely clear. Would definitely recommend renting from Knee Scooter USA!
Heather ElziHeather Elzi
20:44 14 Jan 22
So easy to pickup and affordable. We had the all terrain and my 10 yo daughter used it to get around a school with her broken ankle. Highly recommend.
Courtney ClaussenCourtney Claussen
03:32 12 Jan 22
Convenient and affordable! It was all so easy, and smooth with automated text messaging. They even provide a video to demonstrate how to collapse the scooter for transport. I highly recommend this company.
Michal HegstromMichal Hegstrom
17:38 30 Dec 21
I had a grade three ankle sprain and a walking boot. It took four weeks before I could bear any weight in the boot and the knee scooter rental was a godsend! It allowed me to continue to go about my life, despite my mobility challenge with my bum ankle. The scooter quality was excellent. The price was extremely reasonable and the drop of and pick up process were very easy. My only wish is that they had a location closer to my house; I live in Thornton.